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'Hermitragus jemlahicus'

Himalayan Bull Thar are the 'King of the Mountains' in the Southern Hemisphere, they are one of the most sought after trophy animals of the world and one of the hardest to acquire, living in some of the steepest terrain you have ever seen.

The Himalayan Thar – as their name describes are from the highest peaks in the world, the Himalayas. The Thar originates from Nepal & Tibet and was first released in 1904 to Mt Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand and have thrived.  A Big Bull Thar can weigh up to 300lb and is a sight to see this magnificent agile animal navigate the steepest terrain.

Access to Thar country is generally with the use of Helicopter saving those legs; this is a very exciting experience in itself and will no doubt be one of the highlights you will ever get to experience.

Bull Thar and nannies can be hunted all year round. The 'Rut' for the Bull Thar is from May through to August in which they group up with their 'Nannies' (females). Bull Thar produces one of the best hides and neck capes of any game animal, during the winter months (April - August).