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Trout Fishing

Fly and Light Tackle

Yes, Southern Lakes Hunting Guides offers Trout fishing.

Being based in Queenstown we are fortunate to be located in the heart of some of the world’s finest trout fishing, from matching the hatch on the amazing “Mataura” to casting over big rainbows and browns in the clear waters of the back country rivers.

Many of our fish are large – a 6-pound (24-inch) trout is not un-common although many would put the average size of the trout that we encounter at around 3 pound (18inches). With the wide variety of waters available throughout the wider Queenstown area, both backcountry and local there are more than enough to provide as much fishing action as you can handle.

Trip Options

Local rivers

Dozens of rivers and streams are accessible by 4WD as daytrips, half day trips, or included in a multi-day itinerary of adventure.

A typical day involves being picked up from your accommodation at a prearranged time, driving to our destination by 4WD vehicle and sampling some of NZ’s finest small stream fly fishing The  average day allows for 8 hours fishing time, although one will never be pulled off the river. Travelling times to our fishing areas vary depending on conditions though are generally between 50 minutes to 2 hours drive time each way..

Heli-fishing options available on request.

Multi day safari

Probably the best way to experience the wide variety of fishing that we have to offer where you hit the road staying close to the areas being fished at a selection of cabins, farm stays, hotels, and bed & breakfasts. This reduces travelling time maximizes the time spent fishing and provides more flexibility for dealing with adverse weather conditions.

Backcountry campouts and car camping experiences are also available. Just think how great it is would be to wake up beside the river or fish into dark and know you tent or hut is just behind you.

Checkout below to see what the South Island’s Otago Region has to offer and get an overseas angler’s perspective of Fishing near Queenstown.